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Welcome! You can Read for Free Books for Children written and illustrated by Beatriz Ferrari (also used pen name Daniela Cypress) including Activity Books (crosswords, puzzles, and more). Thank you! Be well!

Beatriz Ferrari has written and illustrated more than 20 books for children and activity booklets. Most of them are bilingual booklets for Early Readers, and the latest is a book for Middle Grade readers.

Her writings are filled with adventure, creativity, fun and positive stories, curious characters and inspiration to learn science, love nature, music and cooking. She has donated thousands of booklets to schools and nonprofits, such as the San Francisco Children’s Book Project, East Bay Children’s Book Project, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, United Way of the Wine Country and the Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County.

Beatriz worked as a reporter/anchor (she’s an Emmy Award winner) for a TV station in the San Francisco Bay Area (Univision), and volunteered in a kindergarten classroom. The majority of students didn’t own any books at home, and she started to write and print booklets, to give them as presents to the children. Initially, Beatriz used the pen name Daniela Cypress.

The effort grew and she keeps writing and working on an initiative to provide more free booklets.There are wonderful nonprofits that offer books for children, but the need is still very big, especially in the case of bilingual books (English/Spanish.) Here is feedback from the San Francisco Children’s Book Project:

“We’re so grateful for your donation of over 1,600 copies since 2017 of Daniela Cypress’s delightful bilingual English and Spanish books for children: Annie and the Fantastic Radio, Corkie the Surfer Dog, Cucho Shark, Una Mirada, and Markito. The educators and staff of health clinics and other community organizations that serve low income English Language Learners are thrilled to offer your books to the children and families they work with in twenty counties throughout Northern and Central California. They come in asking for more and are disappointed when we’ve run out! It would be amazing to have a never-ending supply at our fingertips.”

Read for free!  ¡Lee gratis!

Meet the Characters! ¡Conoce a los personajes!

Books for Children by Beatriz Ferrari

You can find PDF files of Beatriz Ferrari’s books to read for free through this blog. Just click on the Title! Available in English or Bilingual. Thank you!

Activity Book with Stories to be completed with the children’s own words: “Just before summer, the rain” and “Looking through a telescope”

Activity: Find what is missing in the illustration, then draw the complete picture on a paper (includes drawings of cars, houses, flowers)

Activity: Find what is missing in the illustration, then draw the complete picture on a paper (includes drawings of leaves with different patterns)

Activity Book with two stories: “Do you remember when you learned to read?” and “Do you remember when you began drawing?” to be completed with the child’s own words and imagination.

Distribution for sale or for profit is not allowed.

If you are a teacher or work with nonprofits, and would like to have authorization to use the PDF files to print the booklets yourself, please contact Beatriz Ferrari.

Animals and people live in these stories full of joy and caring for each other!

Books for children and those who work for their education and happiness!


Beatriz Ferrari Books for Children

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